Ep48: Database

Dave, you're re-inventing the BGG database! While there's nothing wrong with doing that for fun, most people would be better served entering their collection in BGG to reap the benefits of a data maintained by thousands of gamers. To track data not maintained by BGG, it would be wise to associate the appropriate BGG game ID to "join" tables with data downloaded from BGG.


I can see where you're coming from, LurkingMeeple, but I think Dave's database scratches a different itch in that it is tailored more to the needs of his specific personal collection and a collector's mindset.

I am certain Dave doesn't see his efforts as an attempt to reinvent the BGG wheel. And we're quick to point out that BGG is the best and greatest public resource around for games. It totally rocks! But because BGG is built with the needs of the many in mind it might not address issues or information you might want to keep track of for your personal collection. No need to wait for BGG to implement those features when you can get a handle on that information yourself. For many if not most, BGG tools might fit the bill, but since the focus of the segment is to indulge the OCD tendencies in many of us gamery types, it's good to know there are other options to consider as well.

Where do you store your dice??

Jon, Sue & Sawyer
Madison, WI

Here's a link to a picture of Dave's dice case rack. And yes, they are all full or mostly full! Dave will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe his database tells him which case he needs to look in for the correct dice for a given game.

Feel free to look around at the other pics of our collection and other random photos. I want to integrate a photo album feature into our web site but I just haven't had the time to implement it yet. I'd love to have the Spiel-shirt picture gallery filled with pictures of Spielers from all over the world. How cool would that be?

I showed the photo of the dice cases to my wife and she asked if this was someting I would grow into? Honestly I hope not and I KNOW SHE HOPES NOT!!

Please let us know of this is a separate hobby or an extension of the gaming hobby.

Thanks a bunch

BTW is "THE DATABASE" posted on the site and availalbe for download?

Jon, Sue & Sawyer
Madison, WI

There are some slippery slopes one can avoid. In Dave's case, he's wired to be a meticuluos collector no matter the material. It's to our benefit that games are his passion! But I've never felt that impulse and I don't think any amount of game playing or buying will ever change that.

If you find yourself boxing and labeling lots of other items in your life, then you might need to worry! Otherwise, I think you (and most importantly) your wife can breathe easy.


Each segment of the OCD that I hear makes me that much happier that I don't share this disease. Too much work for my personal taste. A list of games in my collection and a log of games played is satisfactory for me.

You'd probably have an OCD meltdown if you saw the way my games are sloppily arranged in my closet :)

I'm not a complete slob, but I know my game closet occasionally brings tears to Dave's eyes. I haven't made the time to put in custom shelves in a really large set of cedar closets, so I have some old bookshelfs cram-packed and then towers of games stacked in the corners of each closet. Really a pain when we decide to play something on the bottom. I really need t get those shelves put in!

From your picture of Monk, I would have guessed you might lean more toward Dave on these things. :)


If you don't have it already you might consider adding fields for min ideal players and max ideal players. That way if your doing a search for a game that handles a certain number of players you can limit the results to games that play well with that number.

That's a great idea and I am pretty sure he doesn't include that as a field currently. Seems like you also find games that say they play for 2 but then they have really strange rules variants you must use to play the 2-player game. It would be good to note those, too.

BGG seems to do better when the new GeekCollection Editor is up. It sounds promising for those people who haven't yet made their own database.

Check out on: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/318336


- Mikael