Railroad Dice

Looking through your collections, I am somewhat amazed that Dave has managed to avoid picking up Railroad Dice (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/8192) or any of its variants!

Of the various games and expansions (Railroad Dice, Railroad Dice Germany and Railroad Dice 2), I would recommend Railroad Dice 2 - by doing away with the stock shares, the game is much less fiddly. All three games suffer from somewhat vague English rules, but they have been sorted out by now on BGG.

Anyhow, I thought I would pass along a potential suggestion for a fellow dice fanatic.



We had a chance to play Railroad Dice at Origins last year with Scott Nicholson (yes THE Scott Nicholson of Board Games with Scott !). Dave went gaga over it, for sure. I know Dave has been trolling the BGG sales and other places waiting to make his move to buy a copy. It just hasn't happened yet.

Thanks for bringing it from the back burner to the front! Dave's dice game collection won't be complete until a copy rests on his shelf.

I've had my eyes and ears open for some Railroad Dice since you mentioned them on the Origins show. Still looking to get hold of these puppies

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I never got on with Railroad Dice - Lovely looking game, but I found the turn mechanism could be exploited to the detriment of the game. Each turn, the start player would move on to the next player clockwise, and then everyone would take their turn. What that meant is, say playing with 4 players, player A would have to sit back whilst players B, C, and D had two whole turns before Player A got to go again. And in the games I played, Player A promptly got hammered and could do nothing about it.

But the dice were nice :)


That's very interesting to hear, DaveNI.

I wonder which of the several RR Dice game rules sets you were playing? Or does the turn order remain consistent between all the variants? Given my experience amounts to one game, I don't remember this being an issue when we played.

As I can remember - it was with the original RRD1 that I saw this problem. I never played RRD2 and only played RRD:Germany the once. Many games that have the start player rotate do so beside the mechanism of players being able to do multiple actions, but only one at a time. The other big drawback we found with RRD was in addition to this mechanism, the downtime for the player was considerable, especially if you got an analysis-paralysis freak.

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