2008 Listener's Choice Episode

It's almost time for the 2008 Listener's Choice Episode, so we need your help!

Post your suggestions for all segments of the show here but make sure you indicate which segment each game suggestion is for. For the List, the only rule is we'll only play one mammoth game, so if you pick one really long involved game, pick another shoter game to go along with it.

We'll keep a running tally of the games mentioned here, so this is the official polling station for The Spiel! Voting will close in a few weeks, so post your suggestions early.

If you've ever wanted us to cover a specific game, here's your chance to program the show. Take advantage of this chance, since it only comes once a year. :)

Thanks for playing along. I'm sure you all will come up with some great ideas for every aspect of the show.

Spiel on!



For a long game off The List (and yes, I'll be happy with just one long game) I would like to hear about either:

Twilight Struggle
Warrior Knights

Both of these games are owned by someone in my game group, but I haven't gotten to play them yet.



For the list: Colesseum or War of the Ring, and Hey! That's my Fish!

Backshelf: MilleBornes

Goober: It's got to be a Hasbro game called Broadsides and Boarding Parties. It goes for $300 on Troll and Toad!

Sommelier: Simple. You have a good friend who hates board games. Finally you've talked him/her into giving you a chance to try and convince him board games are great. He/She is willing to play any 5 games you pick. Which ones will they be?


For the list: En Garde, Samurai Swords, War Of The Ring or Warrior knights

You guys should also play Hey That's my Fish! and Taluva because they are both great short games for two or more.

Backshelf: Some of the Alea Big Box games (not Puerto Rico)

Goober: Because I have a lack of inspiration I am going to say Taluva, it's one of the prettiest euro games I have ever seen.

Sommelier: With the summer comming up I would like five games you can play with a group of nongamers at a pool, this group has people of all ages (6 to 85).


From the List
Warrior Knights and Dancing Dice

Bluff/Liars Dice/Perudo

Hamburgum (try not to stand there and ring those bells)
Burg Appenzell/Chateau Roquefort

5 dice games for people who hate games with dice



For The List: I think that you should play all (or at least several) games in your list that can be played in less than 30 minutes. 6 Nimmt, Cannibal Pygmies, Cold War, Cowpoker, Diceland, Dig... Spend a couple of nights and you can get through a lot of games and drastically reduce the number of games on the list. Also, you'd play 6 Nimmt, which I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about.

Also for The List: Another possibility is a Cold War night, with Twilight Struggle and Cold War: CIA vs. KGB.

Mark Wilder (BGG: JoeyHemlock)
Chicago IL


I would really like to hear you guys review Cuba, Ys, or Cold War: CIA vs KGB. These are all games I am very interested in and hearing your reviews frequently helps me decide if I want to make a purchase or not. Finally, though I own and thoroughly enjoy the game already, Twilight Struggle is another one I would love to hear you review.

We debated whether to let you all know what we're covering on the next show so yo'd know those games were out of contention. We decided since The List is so big what are the odds a lot of people would suggest those two specific titles?


Believe it or not, we're going to cover Twilight Struggle and CIA vs KGB in the next episode. We played them both on Sunday and had a great time. Looking forward to getting up close and personal with each one in #53.


that is so spooky - I was going to suggest the Cold War theme as well. Are we all going retro ?

(actually I'm in the middle of reading Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy so that might be what got me onto the idea.... and I'm reading that to help me out with my pbem Diplomacy game which is not going so well. Circles withing circles)

In that case I'd plump for War of The Ring.
Maybe follow up with a lighter LotR game (can't remember if you have any on the list?).

Backshelf Spotlight:
Brawl and San Juan
(I have a mystery connection between the two.)
(and, man, I love Brawl. Give it some love !)

We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games


List games: (pick 2)

War of the Ring
In the Year of the Dragon

Backshelf spotlight

Naval War (AH card game)
Acquire - since it is about to be republished

Nexus Ops


List -

Ok, all of this talk about games like Diplomacy, how about the real thing? You can add Cutthroat Caverns to the list and take it off at the same time for the second half.

Backshelf and Goober are harder, as I can't remember everything you have covered. I'll vote later on those :)


THE LIST: Well, I saw it on the list before the last listener's choice episode and you still haven't gotten around to Family Business. Random, vicious and fast, this has been a personal favorite since junior high and I'm on my third or fourth set now. Plus I don't know how the new edition changed things- I understand it added one or two new cards. It'll only take you about 20 minutes. And since people hunger for the new, did you mention in a previous thread that you had picked up Pandemic? If so, that would be a good opportunity to talk about the trend in cooperative games, which I haven't heard you talk about much. Failing that, I vote for any coop game.

BACKSHELF SPOTLIGHT: Dave has mentioned his 3M collection and as someone who views those bookcase games as a high water mark for the art, I'd love to hear him pull down one of his choice and put it through its paces.

TRUCKLOADS OF GOOBER: Lots of nice goober out there... 1960: The Making Of The President, with its 50 state seals and its coffee cups on the board? Just played Railroad Tycoon and that's just off the hook for sheer ridiculously massive scale. I don't know; one of the more serious bit hounds could field this one better.

THE GAME SOMMELIER: Not sure if you're asking for this one here but how about the five best games for new players that can be played in under 10 minutes? The five best games that still feature the "roll and move" mechanic? No, I'm just babbling now.

THE LIST: I personally love "In the Year of the Dragon," so I'd love to hear the Spiel's thoughts on it, and I would love to get a review of En Garde since I've thinking about trying to get it.

BACKSHELF SPOTLIGHT: Maybe a couple of favorites from the Alea Big Box series? Wouldn't mind hearing about Acquire as well.

TRUCKLOADS OF GOOBER: Not too sure about this one...

THE GAME SOMMELIER: If you are soliciting ideas for this segment, how about little-known, underrated games from otherwise famous designers?


War of the Ring (long, heavy one)
Portrayal (short, light one)

Based on sloef and teabo's comments, Acquire would be cool. I've heard much about it, but never an in-depth review.
How about Can't Stop? (I don't think you've done that one...)

Bausack? Villa Paletti?

5 games that include all of the following: the turn of a card, the roll of a die, and the flip of a tile. ;-)


A chance to address the classics...

From the list: Civilization & Advanced Civilization

Backshelf Spotlight: Age of Renaissance ( Would love you guys to cover this classic civilization-building game)

Goober: Samurai Swords (Koku, miniature figures in 6+ different types and 6 different colors, & 5 plastic samurai swords!)

Sommelier: Let's go literal - 5 games that go well with lots of drinking (ie. the best beer & pretzel games, which are still playable the more drunk you get).

(Editted once because I came up with a better sommelier idea).


The List:
Arkham Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh

3M Games

Any electronic game

5 games best played all in one session together

Here would be my selections:



Lord of the Rings:  Battlefields


Citadels (you could also knock the Dark City expansion off the list while covering this.)





Most memorable games in Spiel history.

The List: Colosseum, Cuba
Backshelf Spotlight: Citadels, Trax
Truckloads of Goober: Warhammer Quest, Sac Noir
Game Sommelier:
Games you thought wouldn't appeal to your non-gaming friends, but did, big time !!


With the elections getting a lot of attention right now I would like to "see" you guys play:

1960: The Making of a President (Zman)

It's by one of the guys who did "Twilight Struggle" but it's easier to get into and it quite a bit of fun. I still have yet prevail over my wife. You can't beat an Accountant in this game.


I was going to make suggestions, but then I realized I didn't know all of the games you've covered on the show offhand, so I started to compile a list, but then I got busy at work and so I never got around to it. :( I guess I'll have to rely on the other listeners' choices. :)