Podcast, with Graphics, on your Sansa Fuze

    I made it work, but it isn't exactly straightforward. 

    If you are using a Sansa Fuze you can get the podcast with the images by doing the following.


1.  Download the .m4a version of the podcast (of course)

2.  Rename the file that results to have a .mp4 extension.

3.  Use the free Sansa Media Converter to convert and deliver it to your Fuze.  It will appear (like all other converted content) in your videos folder. 


    The converter will not recognize the file with the .m4a extension and will throw an error if you try to convert it with it.  But the .mp4 functions properly.  Fair warning -- the resulting file is very big.  High Risers, which is 74M as published became 430M on the Fuze.  With 4G to play with on a small Fuze this likely isn't a crisis unless you're burning three or four at a time.  But if your Fuze does not have enough room you'll get an error that essentially says, "it didn't work" without a whole lot more information to work from.







Cool tip! Thanks, Sag.

I have a Creative Zen player and I have tried similar digital gymnastics to get mp4s to work on it but it always fell apart in the last stages of the process. You've inspired me to give it another shot.