Spiel Theme Song Contest

Several months ago listener Darren Hron mentioned he always sings fake lyrics to our theme music at the opening of the show. We thought it would be fun to hear some listener submissions for possible Spiel theme song lyrics.  Here below are some great entries! 

Listen and decide which one you like best. Send your votes to:


Contest Entries

Ken Ferguson (Jolson style) - entry 1

Ken Ferguson (Waits style) - entry 2

Darren Hron - entry 3

Darren Hron - entry 4

Mark Rickards - entry 5

Josh Laison - entry 6


Thanks to Ken, Darren, Mark, and Josh for entering!! We await the response of Spielers across the globe! :)



I know you guys have been flat out like lizards drinking, what with the spiel des spiel episodes.


But there is any update on the song competition? I didn't vote for myself because I thought that might be bad form.


PS Great few episodes - up to your usual high standard!!



We'll resolve the contest in Episode 157.

Sorry we've been so swamped with the film (and life!) that the contest hasn't gotten the love it deserved.