GenCon 2018 - Representation in Board Games

Release Date: Aug. 10, 2018

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Running Time:   57 min.

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Whether we talk about race or gender or sexuality or religion or culture, the world of games is a distorted mirror - many players who love and share our passion for play cannot find themselves when they look into it.

And that makes us all the poorer for it. 

But playing teaches us that we have the power to change the rules. To make things more inclusive, to insure that all of us have seats at the table and can find the fun and joy we know lives in games. Our love of play, being players, allows us to imagine and create spaces where all are welcome and all are present.

As publishers, designers, and players, what choices can we make and what steps can we take to help the world of games include and reflect the vast variety of fun loving players in it?

This panel features:

Sen Foong Lim (designer, Junk Art, Belfort & many others)

Marguerite Cottrell (Meeples Included)

Isaac Vega (Plaid Hat Games, designer Dead of Winter, Ashes)

Katie Aidley (Katies Game Corner)

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.


Sen Foong Lim   |  Meeple Syrup  |  Twitter

Marguerite Cottrell  |  YouTube  |  Twitter

Isaac Vega  |  Plaid Hat Games  | Twitter

Katie Aidley  |  Katie's Game Corner  |  Twitter