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Episode 15: Mmm... Brains!


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 Show Notes:  Oct. 23, 2006 


Game News & Notes

Incan Gold  Link

New version of German board game Diamant.

PerplexCity   Link

Alternate reality game with puzzle cards, a board game and a real world scavenger hunt worth $250,000!

The List

Zombies!!! & Expansions   BGG entry

Like playing your way through a George Romero flick. Just remember to aim for the head!

Dead Money   BGG Entry

Cool poker variant on the Cheapass classic Give Me the Brain.

Backshelf Spotlight: 

Can you see two connection between these games?
Email us with your guesses!
The answer will be part of next episode's Spotlight!

Jambo  BGG Entry

Great two player game of competing African merchants

Java   BGG Entry   

Build up rice terraces, palaces and host parties to rule the island.

Truckloads of Goober

La Citta   BGG Entry    

Rule an Italian city-state and try to attract the highest population.

Game Sommelier

The Challenge:

Stephen must find five games that teach mathematical concepts

Stephen's List

Dave's Vote

Kingdoms Thumbs Up
Can't Stop Thumbs Up
Corsari Thumbs Up
Quarto Thumbs Up
St. Petersburg Thumbs Up

Next week's challenge:

Dave must find five games for the perfect game geek bachelor party


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!





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