Episode 421 - Tiletum

Release Date: June 21, 2023

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Running Time:   51 min

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Starting from  a small town in Belgium (Tiletum), you are a merchant seeking prosperity across the continent.

You will travel from city to city to establish trade houses and fulfill contracts for wool and iron. Along the way you will gather gold, food, and stone, and invest in the construction of cathedrals. You will also seek to gain the favor of noble families, and amass a staff of skilled workers, hoping their talents and influence will advance your interests.

The highlight of every merchant’s calendar is the Fair, held in a different city at the end of each year.  Plan well and you'll arrive just in time to profit from each one. But beware the King is always watching and he very difficult to please.

It's an intense and complicated balancing act to build a successful trade empire. Listen in to take a deep dive into Tiletum and discover why it earns our highest honor: The Spiel of Approval.



Designer: Simone Luciani & Daniele Tascini

Artist:  Giorgio De Michele, Zbignew Umgelter

Publisher:  Board & Dice BGG Entry 

2-4 players  90-120 min  ages 14+   MSRP $60

Time to teach/learn:  15-20 minutes



Interstitial music credits include:

Traders and Merchants | Alex Kaczan | the song

Medieval Market | Fantasy Music World | the song

On the Tiles | Zeparella | the song